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Hikari Brand Fish Food, Koi Food, Cichlid Food, Reptile Food


Hikari Brand Fish Food & Pet Food

Hikari Products

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Hikari Fish Food and Koi Food

Hikari fish food has built a reputation ans the best Koi Food for pond fish. The Hikari brand is know world wide for its quality ingredients that provides optimum health of rpond fish and koi fish. If you are looking for professional fish food to enhance the colors of your pond fish we recommend Hikari food for your fish and pets.

Quality Hikari Food for Pets

Hikari makes specific diet food for pond fish including koi, goldfish, and for aquarium fish and marine fish. Hikari also has high quality reptile food for tortoises, bearded dragons, crested geckos, leopard geckos and more. The Hikari speciifc diet for your fish or pet reptile matters and will provide the essential nutritional balance your pet needs to live a long health life. Hikari has been making species specific diet food for many decades and offer a wide range of delicious food for your pets to enjoy from freeze driet food to sinking or floating pellet food for fish.