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Bird Cages & Accessories

Bird Cages, Perches, Ladders, Swings & More

Bird Cages - Discount Cages for Pet Birds

Finding the perfect home for your pet bird can be a daunting task; he needs a place to play, a place to perch, a place to feed, room to grow, and to top it off, the whole thing has to fit into your living arrangements. Pet Mountain's Bird Cage store offers a selection of bird cages to suit your bird perfectly, no matter what its (or your) needs might be. Treat Play-n-Learn cages from Super Pet are designed for parakeets and cockatiels, providing safe, secure and spacious design with included food and water cups and convertible play tops and interactive toy access doors to keep your bird entertained. Super Pet's EZ Care Playtop Cages provide space for small and medium birds to live and thrive. With included wood perches and ceramic crocks for entertainment, these cages are the perfect home for your avian companion.

Bird Cage Accessories - Bird Baths, Treat Holders, Ladders and Activity Centers, Perches and Swings

Welcome to the Bird Cage Accessories superstore! Birds are incredibly active creatures and require a wealth of stimulation in order to keep their bodies active and their minds free from boredom. Filling your pet bird's cage with safe, practical, fun accessories like activity centers, swings and perches provide your bird with plenty of stimulating physical and mental activities, and help to replicate the diverse world of its natural habitat. A happy bird has plenty to do, and it's up to you to provide it! Pet Mountain's Bird Cage Accessories store features top quality products from the most trusted names in bird care, games, and cage accessories, including JW Insight, Hagen Living World, Penn Plax, North American Pet Products, and more. Our Bird Bath store offers convenient, practical bathtubs that fit inside your bird's cage for its bathing convenience. Birds love to dunk and dip themselves regularly, though this can be a challenge for caged birds. Providing your feathered friend with a convenient bird bath will improve its mood, release stress and keep your bird looking beautiful. Bird Treat Holders allow you to provide your bird with its favorite treats to snack on at its convenience. Whether your bird loves cuttlebones, spray millet or bite-size fruity treats, we've got the holder for it. In our Bird Ladders and Activity Center, you'll find intricate, brightly colored and stimulating play areas designed to get your bird the mental and physical exercise it needs, reliving birdie boredom and keeping your bird happy. Bird Perches are very important to birds of all feathers, helping provide exercise, a bird's eye view of their environment, and keeping their claws nice and trim. Bird Swings give more energetic birds a fun, relaxing way to spend some energy.