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Spot Mini Teaser Wand Cat Toy

$4.19 $8.99
Spot  |  SKU: ST2185  |  Barcode: 077234021859

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Spot Mini Teaser Wand Cat Toy has vibrant colors and feathers to attract most cats and kittens. Wand toys are adored by cats and offer plenty of opportunity for fun and exercise.

  • Entertain your cat with this fun wand teaser cat toy
  • Wand cat toy is approximatly 12" long
  • Assorted Styles - Mice, Feathers, Ribbon - Please let us pick a style for you!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alex (United States)
Endless Entertainment

My cats love this toy! They come running whenever they hear the bell jingle. They play with it even when it is just laying around, so interaction is not always needed. I wish I had bought two!

Sara (United States)
Cats Love Love Love this Toy!

This toy hardly catches the eye of a human, compared to flashier and meatier toys out there - but make no mistake - cats LOVE this toy! My alpha cat drags this thing all over the house at night and has an absolute fit if it's behind closed doors. I don't know what it is about it - it's not for us to know - but cats want to hunt and lair this over and over and over. I have 5 cats and they will all play with it - quite the testimonial! Yes, this particular toy does not last forever but that's not necessarily a bad thing - sometimes we have to be reminded to replace an old plaything anyway, so I don't mind that aspect too much. . . And, I, too, had the same intense disappointment when my local store stopped carrying these - so I'm thrilled to find it at Pet Mountain. It may seem like a minor thing, but this simple little wand is a MAJOR player in the cat world - please never discontinue!

Shelley (United States)
The Best - if they send me a mouse

Use to buy these at Walmart and My cat is 13 years old. This was her first toy and she loves her mouse! She drags it everywhere. Won't play with the other varieties. Wish we could just buy the mouse. I order 5 and usually donate the other 4. She's a happy girl when she has her mouse!

Kirsten (United States)
My cats favorite toy!

Like an earlier reviewer, my cat absolutely loves this toy! He is almost 3 but got it as a kitten. We've gone through 2 - they long broke, but he drags the furry end around, brings it to bed, etc. So disappointed we can no longer find it at Walmart, so we, too, bought a number off this website so hopefully we will never run out! I tried to make him a similar toy, but he'd rather drag around the ratty one that is falling apart! Please don't discontinue this toy!

Candace (United States)
My cat LOVES this toy!

This is my cat's (Sophie) FAVORITE toy. It's like her best friend...she takes it everywhere. When it's time for bed, she has to go find her toy to bring to bed with her. If we are downstairs, she goes to find her toy to be with her. If we are upstairs, she goes and finds her toy. She loves to have someone throw it, so she can fetch it and bring it back to be thrown again. The moment I opened the toy she was crying to have it. Definitely a great toy, especially for the price. Sophie has many toys, but ignores most of them now that she has her "mouser" as we call it. I went to buy more from WalMart (where I originally purchased the toy, but they don't sell it anymore). I was so happy to find it on this website. I bought 30 more, so she will hopefully have her "best friend" for a lifetime. :) (Boy, do I sound like a crazy cat lady... ha!) Thanks for a great toy!

Cheryl (United States)
My cat loves it

We bought this locally when my cat was a kitten and she loved it. Of course getting a kitten, you buy a bunch of toys and this is the only toy she'll play with. She drags this all over the house. We play fetch with it. She'll drag it to her water dish and drop it in. She loves the bell sound. She can hear it a mile away. When we couldn't find it locally anymore and our stock pile was running low, I panicked. Found it here and was so relieved. I bought 6 of them. They gave a variety but the same toy. This is the only toy she plays with constantly. Considering how much she abuses it, they do last quite a long time. But I think I have plenty now to last awhile because I found more I stashed away and now we have 10.

Wm (United States)
Kitties Luv It

Cat loves to drag it around.

Brandy (United States)
Our business cats love it!

The Spot Teaser Wands are a huge hit with our business cats. Since we're an all cat boarding facility, it's nice to find a toy that will entertain everyone!

Tracy (United States)
Small but lots of fun!

Expected the wand to be longer, and string needs to be much, much longer. We still manage to have fun with it!

Mandy (United States)
There are pros and cons

Pro's: Cheap, has bells, my ferret loves it! Cons: Flimsy, can be broken easily This is a case of you get what you pay for. It's not a great quality item, but it is cheap and serves the purpose I bought it for. But some people with cats may not be as happy with the item.

1 count Spot Mini Teaser Wand Cat Toy

Spot Mini Teaser Wand Cat Toy

From $4.19 $8.99

Spot Mini Teaser Wand Cat Toy has vibrant colors and feathers to attract most cats and kittens. Wand toys are adored by cats and offer plenty of opportunity for fun and exercise.


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