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Reptile Filters - Canister Filters, Internal Filters, Power Filters & Undergravel Filters

Aquatic reptiles and amphibians (such as turtles and frogs) make fantastic pets. They are peaceful, pleasant to look at and not particularly demanding. However, the added wrinkle of keeping an aquatic reptile is that you have to provide it with the appropriate environment. This means that instead of simply maintaining a terrarium, you need an aquatic setup. A key to maintaining a proper aquatic tank is water filtration. This helps keep the water agitated and moving, preventing stagnation, while also helping to remove waste and particles that would otherwise make the water dirty and unsafe for your pets. Pet Mountain's Reptile Filters store features quality filters from the most trusted names in reptile and aquarium care, including Marineland, Tetra, Lee's, and Zoo Med. Our goal is to provide you with the very best options for maintaining a healthy, safe and beautiful habitat for your aquatic reptiles. Reptile Canister Filters provide external filtration that allows you to maintain maximum area in and around your tank. Reptile Internal Filters are extremely quiet and peaceful and mount on the inside of the tank, rather than hanging on the outside. This allows the tank to be placed flush against a wall. Reptile Power Filters provide the ultimate in filtration technology, using built-in pumps to circulate water quickly and clean it efficiently. Reptile Undergravel Filters provide biological filtration, using your tank's gravel substrate as a filtering surface area while providing much needed aeration.

Reptile Filter Media - Biological, Mechanical & Chemical Filtration, Replacement Filter Cartridges, Foam & Media

Your aquatic reptile or amphibian's water is where it spends most of its life, and if you want your pet to be healthy, you'll have to keep you water healthy too. Aquatic turtles, frogs, salamanders, newts and other water-dwelling herps are dependent on having a large amount of water in their terrariums, and just like any aquarium, that water has to be properly circulated and filtered to remain fresh, clean and healthy. Replacing your tank's filter media regularly is the best way to ensure that your water is as pure and free of the contaminants that reptiles and amphibians naturally produce as possible. Pet Mountain's Reptile Filter Media store features top quality products from the most trusted names aquatic reptile care and equipment, including Marineland, AquaClear, API, Lee's, and more. Reptile Filter Bio Media products provide maximum surface area for the growth and cultivation of beneficial bacteria that naturally digest and break down the debris and contaminants in your retile's water. Reptile Filter Chemical Media products use specialized blends to neutralize harmful waste by-products such as ammonias and nitrates, preventing your tank water from becoming a hotbed of disease and possible infection. Reptile Filter Carbon products provide mechanical filtration, filtering your water on the most basic level. Carbon catches extremely fine particles, removing them from suspension to keep your water crystal clear and safe for your reptile's use.