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Birds are known to be finicky eaters, especially when the food is given to them on a silver platter. Choosing the right feeder for your bird can be just as important as providing the appropriate food, since different species of bird like to eat in vastly different ways. For instance, hookbills like parrots and cockatiels are happy picking their food straight up; their beaks actually act as a natural scoop to make this easier. Birds with sharper beaks, like canaries, prefer "silo" style feeders. Wild birds are more used to picking at their food, and often having to fight off other birds for a bite. In this instance a hanging cage feeder is ideal, since it keeps the food available while preventing massive spillage from the air war. Pet Mountain's Bird Feeder store features specialized bird feeders for all types of pet and wild birds. Leading manufacturers of bird products like JW Insight, Kaytee and Living World have thoroughly researched solutions to suit whatever kind of food for whatever kind of feathered friend you have around.

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