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Reptile Health Care - Skin Care, Mite Treatments & Shedding Aids

Though typically more self-sufficient and less prone to disease than many pets, reptiles that are kept as pets do still require a certain amount of physical care. While a reptile specialist or veterinarian will be able to handle any serious condition that befalls your pet, we provide a full selection of reptile health products that allow you to treat some of the most common issues these pets face without ever leaving your home. From mites to shedding aids to care for their scaly skin, we've got you and your pet reptile covered. Pet Mountain's Reptile Health Care store features top quality products from the most trusted names in reptile care and health, including Zoo Med, Zilla, Natural Chemistry, and Tetra. Mites are a common pest reptiles have to deal with. These irritating parasites can spread disease and severely reduce the health and comfort of your pet. Fortunately, with safe, effective mite treatments, they are relatively easy to eliminate and prevent. Shedding is a significant part of the life of every reptile, and can sometimes cause difficulties. Keeping a reptile shedding aid handy will allow you to provide the assistance your reptile needs if and when this becomes a problem. Turtle and tortoise keepers know that their reptile pets have a few special conditions that sets them apart from the rest. Caring for your pet's shell is essential to maintaining its overall health and longevity, and TetraFauna Turtle VitaShell is the perfect safe and effective way to revitalize dry, brittle, or cracked shells or skin.

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