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Penn Plax Dark Castle Aquarium Decoration

$29.83 $47.99
Penn Plax  |  SKU: PP02734  |  Barcode: 030172027345

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Penn Plaxs Castle decor will make a great centerpiece to any aquarium! Decorate your aquarium with the unique and beautiful magical castle. The incredibly detailed super magical castle has a fantastic paint job!

  • Excellent Center Piece Decoration for any aquarium
  • Provide shelter for fish and aquarium habitants
  • Castle Dimensions - (12"L x 8.5"W x 14"H)
  • NOTE: The Dark Castle does not match the Rustic Castle

NOTE: Penn Plax Dark Castle Aquarium Decorations come in assorted colors due to the hand painting process.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Homer (United States)

Finally found part A of the "Age Of Magic Set" from Penn Plax. Got a great deal on this hard to find piece. Worth the money. My pleco, dragonfish, lobster and crab love it. Big enough that they no longer fight over who lives in it. Big enough that my 4 fully grown 6 1/2 inch Goldfish can enter it from one end and swim out the other end.

Nikkii (United States)

Ordered both of these castles for my 75 gallon aquarium. They are so awesome. Thanks Pet Mountain for having the absolute lowest prices on the web and free shipping. Can't go wrong!

Joe (United States)

I just received both AandB castles from being backordered. First, superb packaging and shipping. Second, I was a lil concerned about the color difference before I received them, but it seems that the manufacturer realized people are buying them together and now are painting them same color or very close to one another. Personally, I cannot tell a color difference. Looks amazing and goes very well together. Once again, no color difference one from another. I could not be happier.

Jim (United States)
Love this castle!

I love this castle! It looks great and is the perfect size for my 46 gallon bowfront.

Jim (United States)
This castle is amazing!

This is by far the coolest decoration I've ever put in an aquarium! It looks beautiful in my 46 gallon bowfront! And I'm very impressed with Pet Mountain. It got here in two days, and was packed VERY well. They get a well deserved fist bump!

Misty (United States)

Purchased both the left and right of these castles. They fit and look amazing in my 75gal tank. In fact they looked so well in there I won tank of the month in my local fish forum. I strongly recommend them if you have cichlids or other fish who like cave/hiding places. Only issue was when I got them I noticed they are hollow all the way up into the tower areas, so I took some fiberglass screen and stuffed it up in there so I wouldn't have my plecos and other fish getting up in there and getting stuck. Other than that they are great. PetMountain packed and shipped these things with A LOT of care. Buy with confidence!

Darci (United States)
Beautiful Castle

This is a beautiful castle. It reminds me of Neuschwanstein and/or the Disney castles (which is exactly what I wanted). I gave this castle to my sister as a birthday present for her pet goldfish. Alfred loves his new castle. We put it in the corner of a 20 gallon tank (so the the bridge is against the glass) on top of some multicolored pebbles. The Aqueon filter we have for his tank fits nicely behind the castle and the water that it returns creates a great effect on the facade of the castle. It really looks magical the way the light ripples over it. The green and blue pebbles also look great with the castle. We were choosing between something with more earthy natural tones, or the colors. Definitely, glad that we went with the blues and greens. They work great with the coloring of the castle and help lend it a mysterious look. Alfred is a large goldfish (about 3"Lx1.5"H without his fins). He can easily swim through the hole in the rock and has even spent some time within the castle (the whole underneath is hollow). We were initially afraid that he might get stuck in this hollowed out part (he has a history of getting stuck in hollow aquarium decorations), but he seems to have plenty of room to explore and move around.

Chris (United States)
Awesome Castle, Totally Love It :)

Washed inside and out with warm water in the shower, then let air dry. Did not cloud fresh water aquarium. My fish just love it. They can go through the whole inside, and through the bottom cut outs too. My Black Kuli Loachs go through the little gate on top by the bridge even. The castle itself is even more stunning inside the aquarium, it looks extremely beautiful, more than the picture gives it credit for. I did use fish line and attached it to a flat top hollow log decoration, to make it even taller for my 27 gal. hexagon aquarium, and it looks even better now as I wanted it taller in the tank even. Put another item in front of log decoration so don't see the flat top log and put tall plants to sides and back of castle for looks. And it looks so nice. Pet Mountain packed it in two boxes, and used bubble wrap too so it arrived in perfect condition. A+++ item and delivery. Thank you! It is exactly what I wanted and arrived in excellent condition. Very Happy :)

Beth (United States)
Just what we wanted

We have a 30 gallon tank and it fills it nicely. Our rainbow shark is now the king of the castle and lets the other fish know it. It is a darker color and our overhead light brightens it well. It is hollow so that the fish can swim up through it if they want.

Brittany (United States)
Penn Plax Castle

I bought both pieces of this castle for my new 46 gallon bow front aquarium. It fits perfect with plenty of room on each side. It's beautiful! The first thing people say when they see my aquarium is "hey, look at that big castle!" and "it looks like the castle on Harry Potter!" lol. It is a pretty impressive decoration. The entire inside is hollow so there's plenty of room for the fish to swim and hide in. My BN pleco especially loves his new house. Pet Mountain also has the best price. The only complaint I have about the castles is that one of them is painted a little darker than the other. This doesn't really bother me much and none of my family and friends even notice it, but it might bother some.

Penn Plax Dark Castle Aquarium Decoration - PetMountain.com
Penn Plax

Penn Plax Dark Castle Aquarium Decoration

$29.83 $47.99

Penn Plaxs Castle decor will make a great centerpiece to any aquarium! Decorate your aquarium with the unique and beautiful magical castle. The incredibly detailed super magical castle has a fantastic paint job!

NOTE: Penn Plax Dark Castle Aquarium Decorations come in assorted colors due to the hand painting process.


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